Physician Consultation

There are two different ways to consult with Dr. Feller and Dr. Bloxham: an online consultation and an in office (in person) consultation. If you would like to complete an online consultation, please follow the instructions on the form below. If you are interested in scheduling an in office consultation, please review the information at the bottom of the page and contact us to make an appointment.

Online Consultation

Online consultations are discreet and private. We only need a limited amount of information. The information goes directly to Dr. Feller and/or Dr. Bloxham. They will review it and provide you with a recommendation.

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In Office (in person) Consultation at Feller Bloxham

All consultations at Feller and Bloxham are performed by physicians. Not salesmen, “mentors”, or other such middlemen-which is illegal in the state of New York. All consultations are confidential and any information provided by you is protected by law.

The primary purpose of a consultation at Feller and Bloxham Medical, PC is to see and evaluate if you are indeed a candidate for a Hair Transplant procedure. While most physicians offering hair transplantation worldwide claim that just about anybody who walks through their door is a candidate for their practice, we feel differently.

At Feller and Bloxham we believe that all potential patients must first be evaluated prior to being placed on the schedule for surgery- because what’s the point in doing a procedure if it’s not needed in the first place, or if it’s just not going to make much of a difference in the end? If you are not a candidate by our criteria we will not waste your money or your time by taking you for surgery. Our goal is to be able to offer a COSMETICALLY SIGNIFICANT improvement.

When you visit for your confidential consultation you will be asked to provide not only a detailed medical history of yourself, but your hair loss history as well. Your scalp will then be examined and evaluated both grossly and with magnification. Once the physician has developed an accurate physiological “picture” he will then start to ask you detailed questions as to what your goals are. Naturally we know you want as much hair as possible in the shortest amount of time possible, for the lowest price possible. We will do our best to optimize all those factors.

Most patients who visit for consultation are also given the opportunity to walk into the procedure area with the doctor to view patients who are actually having the procedure performed at that time. Most patients are receptive to visitors and are willing to share their hair transplant experience. We have been doing this for twenty five years and have found that visiting with actual patients getting the surgery done right then and there demystifies the procedure and demonstrates that the surgical hair restoration is far less intimidating than they might have first thought.

This is because we do not have to “knock patients out” for their procedure. As a result they are awake and alert to be able to answer questions and share their experience in real time. The most common statement heard between patient and visitor is: “Do it. It’s not bad, and not at all what I thought it would be. Painless with the exception of the pokes to numb the skin.”

Once back in the consultation room the doctor will discuss his plan for your hair restoration and show you our price schedule which is published on our website. He may also show you photos of prior patients that demonstrated similar hair loss characteristics as you and how their hair was restored.

Ready to schedule an in person consultation? If so, please contact our scheduler by phone at 516-487-3797 or by email at to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting with you.