Dr. Alan Feller, Hair Transplant Specialist in Great Neck, NY

Dr. Alan Feller - Hair Transplant Specialist NY

Dr. Alan S. Feller was born, raised, educated, and currently practices in New York. He has been practicing hair transplant procedures exclusively since 1994 and is recognized as one of the country’s true leading, pioneering, and most experienced physicians in the field of modern hair transplantation. His enthusiasm and material contributions to the field have been included in textbooks, medical publications, media articles/interviews, and countless online postings. He regularly publishes his results on hair transplant chat forums and also volunteers his time answering online questions about surgical hair restoration from the public.

He has served as a contributing member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery since 1995; sits on the ISHRS Education Committee as well as the Patient Protection Committee, is the author of scientific papers covering hair transplantation as well as tissue regeneration; authored and co-authored several U.S. patents, and an inventor of new instrumentation and protocols for the hair transplant field.

Has an unsurpassed safety record. 25 years of full time practice and not a single medical complication nor lawsuit.


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An accomplished inventor, patent holder, and amateur engineer, Dr. Feller entered the field of hair transplantation shortly after receiving his medical credentials. With literally thousands of Hair Transplant patients served since 1994, Dr. Feller stands as one of the few hair transplant doctors in the United States who can claim exceptional expertise in the dynamic world of surgical hair restoration.

Throughout the years, Dr. Feller has trained many physicians from within and outside the United States in the intricacies of modern hair transplantation techniques. He continues to be sought out worldwide by hair loss doctors seeking beginner or advanced training in hair restoration techniques.

Advances in the Hair Transplantation Industry

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Dr. Feller’s practice is limited exclusively to hair restoration surgery. He employs a team of experienced technicians for every procedure. These “super-technicians,” as he calls them, are trained at and work exclusively at Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation. Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation does not employ “traveling”, “shared”, or “per Diem” technicians.

Quality control is at the core of Dr. Feller’s approach to hair restoration and he is closely involved in every aspect of the procedure. Dr. Feller prides himself on being on the cutting edge of hair transplantation technology and maintains a well-stocked research and development laboratory on the premises of his Great Neck, New York office. He is the inventor of “Cardioscope” heart monitor (FDA cleared) and the “Feller Gynescope” that can detect precancerous states in women. Additionally, he’s patented computer interface and data exchange technology, as well as multiple patents for hair transplantation technology and instrumentation including FUT, FUE, and mFUE.

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