Hair Transplant Educational Videos

Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation is a proud provider of hair restoration services and resources to a global community of patients. Discover the world of hair restoration surgery with our collection of hair transplant surgery treatment videos. Join Dr. Feller and dr. bloxham as they explain the hair transplant process through educational videos. Each of our educational hair transplant surgery videos offers an in-depth and intimate view of typical and atypical transplant surgery as well as the recovery process.

Learn more about hair transplant surgery, selecting the right hair transplant doctor, and more – or discover how we’re changing our patient’s lives with our quality hair restoration services. For similar insights, browse our collection of surgical videos and before/after videos to learn more about the hair transplant surgery process.

What Should a Hair Transplant Look Like at 6 Months?
Synopsis: Just completed your first hair transplant surgery? Here’s what to look for in the next 6 months.

Hairline Hair Transplant
Synopsis: Restoring or “rebuilding” hairlines is more common than you think. In this video, Dr. Bloxham explains hairline hair transplants.

What Will I look like after hair transplant?
Synopsis: In this video, Dr. Bloxham explains what to expect after your hair transplant and how to adjust to normal life with your new hair.

Early Growth Hair Transplant
Synopsis: It can take up to a year for a hair transplant to fully grow, but some of our patients experience fast growth earlier! Dr. Bloxham explains one case of the “early grower” in this video.