Hair Transplant Costs

Strip (FUT) Procedure
(Regular size: fewer than 2,000 grafts)

  • 800 & below: $8,000
  • 850-1000: $8,600
  • 1,100-1250: $9,000
  • 1,300-1,500: $9,550
  • 1,600-1,850: $10,500
  • 2,000-2,250: $11,500

Strip (FUT) Procedure
(Mega Session: greater than 2,300 grafts)

  • 2,300-2,450: $13,250
  • 2,500-2,700: $14,000
  • 2,800-3,000: $14,750
  • 3,100-3,300: $15,500
  • 3,400-3,600: $16,000
  • 3,700-3,900: $16,750
  • 4,000-4,300: $17,000
  • 4,500-4,900: $17,750
  • 5,000 and over: $18,000

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction

  • $8 to $10 per graft
  • Lunchtime FUE session of 200 grafts $2000

* Fee schedule updated April 1st 2021. Any patient booking after this date will be subject to the prices listed above.

Payment – All patients who wish to schedule a procedure will pay a non-refundable first payment of $2,500. Balance of procedure is due on or before the procedure day. Please call our office at (516) 487-3797 for more payment details.

Additional Charges – All patients are required to have blood work done. This may be performed by your own physician or the lab of your choosing. The charge is usually under $250. Feller and Bloxham Hair Transplantation does not profit in any way from this lab work.

Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplant Cost &  Fee Schedule EXPLAINED – Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation charges by the size of the session, not by the GRAFT for FUT procedures. With modern advances in the field of hair transplantation, the number of grafts that can be transplanted in a single sitting has grown by a factor of ten. Therefore, charging by session size, instead of on a per graft basis, offers a far more accurate and fair way to structure the cost of hair transplants.

In the past, a hair transplant doctor only needed one assistant because the hair restoration procedures were small and unsophisticated. That assistant was minimally trained and usually only employed part-time. But with the advent of modern hair transplant mega-sessions, top tier clinics like Feller and Bloxham Hair Transplantation typically employ anywhere between 7 to 12 fulltime in-house technicians. These techs are screened, educated, and further trained in microscopic dissection and implantation before ever touching an actual patient. This is the major difference between a fulltime and dedicated hair transplant practice and one that is not.

Patients benefit by being assigned larger care teams that include a doctor and multiple technicians that are all dedicated to you on your day of surgery. A clinic that utilizes a “cost per graft” structure may not be able to utilize such technicians as often, leading to slower or poorer quality procedures.

Fee Structure – The Feller and Bloxham fee structure increases prices from smaller to larger sessions sizes to account for the inclusion of extra technicians for your procedure. Regardless of the size of your session, Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation will always provide an experienced and highly-skilled team of technicians to assist in your hair restoration procedures – and in most cases will even over-staff each procedure to insure the highest possible quality. One of the most common reasons for poor hair transplant results is fatigued staff. By using an “army” of techs for each procedure, we reduce or avoid fatigue altogether. Only the best hair transplant clinics in the world can afford and are willing to do this.

Drs. Feller & Bloxham will always discuss your hair transplant needs with you prior to your procedure and can help you determine the best size for each of your sessions. Beside you, there is no one else in the world who wants your results to be stellar.

book your consultation with Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation today at (516) 487-3797 or contact us online now.