Why Choose Feller and Bloxham Medical?


Dr. Alan Feller - Hair Transplant Specialist NY


Dr. Feller has been practicing hair transplant procedures exclusively since 1994 and is one of the America’s pioneering and most experienced physicians in the field of modern hair transplantation.

Dr. Blake Bloxham - New York Hair Transplant Specialist


While Dr. Bloxham’s was still a Pre-Med student, he became fascinated with hair loss and restoration, after helping his grandmother seek treatment for hair loss related to chemotherapy.

We are RESULTS oriented Over 20 years of full time experience:

Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation is demonstrably one of the best hair transplant clinics in New York. We serve NYC, Long Island, the tri-state area, and surrounding states from our spacious office in Great Neck, NY. We have practiced surgical hair restoration for over twenty years and have a proven track record of integrity, experience, and success. We are the doctor’s doctors and have been recognized as such for many years. We hold the lead in hair transplantation because we are ambitious, driven, and dedicated to our patients. Corner cutting or offering anything less than premium work is not an option here. Such cannot be said for most hair transplant clinics, so be very careful.

Look out!

Hair restoration services throughout New York City and surrounding areas have become overpopulated with doctors who have added hair transplant surgery to their scope of practice solely to increase their bottom line. These doctors are not considered hair transplant specialists since they offer this service as an “add on” to some other existing practice. Many of these doctors in fact illegally delegate their surgery to unlicensed non-professionals and are themselves absent from the procedure room during crucial parts of the procedure so that they are free to treat patients in their “real” practice. This behavior is rampant and it is against the law. Unfortunately the law is slow to move, but momentum is growing. For now, however, it’s “buyer beware”.

In contrast, Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation is a practice dedicated exclusively to hair restoration. All procedures are performed by licensed and experienced physicians and only the legal and appropriate use of support staff is utilized. Our large, highly-specialized practice has the highest number of team members per patient compared to any New York City clinic. And all of our hair transplant technicians were screened, trained, and work exclusively “in-house.”



After over 20 years of serving New York, New York City, Long Island residents and beyond, we have achieved many firsts as a hair transplant clinic. Our expert doctors are dedicated to advancing the field of modern hair restoration, and we have enjoyed being the first in NY and the world in the following:

  • First to offer follicular unit hair transplants (FUT) on Long Island (1995)
  • First to reject Plug and Scalp reduction surgery on Long Island (1996)
  • First to offer Hair Transplant on Long Island (1996)
  • First to offer Hair Transplant Repair using FUT megasessions on Long Island (1996)
  • First to pioneer FUE hair transplants in North America (2002)
  • First to perform FUE on Long Island (2002)
  • First worldwide to reveal how FUE procedures were actually performed (2002)
  • First worldwide to give a live surgical workshop on how to perform FUE. ISHRS meeting (2003)
  • First worldwide to perform, video and publish an actual FUE procedure online (2002)
  • First worldwide to repair scar using FUE (2002)
  • First in United States to invent and receive patents for new FUE surgical instruments (2005)
  • First in United States to stand up publicly against misuse of the FUE procedure
  • First in United States to offer Non Strip Harvest surgery as alternative to FUE and FUT (2013)
  • First in New York to regularly publish articles and postings in online communities
  • First to regularly post before/after results on third party websites open to the public for comment

The Benefits of Choosing Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation

In addition to being the leading hair transplant practitioners in New York City, Tri State, Long Island, and surrounding areas there are many other benefits to choosing our team of specialists for your procedure.

  • More of our photo and video results are posted online than any other NY hair transplant clinic.
  • We have a greater number of staff per patient than any New York City clinic.
  • All of our hair transplant technicians work exclusively “in-house.”
  • Our prices are typically lower – we don’t pay high NYC real estate and tax. We pass our savings right on to you.
  • Our office is more spacious than the close quarters of a typical NYC clinic. This means more room for medical staff and higher quality procedures.
  • We have free and ample parking, a far cry from the congested streets you find in the heart of the city. Traveling in your car provides both the privacy and convenience you need when undergoing your hair transplant procedure.
  • For traveling patients, hotels around our clinic have lower rates compared to those in the city. We are located only a few blocks away from the Long Island railroad (LIRR) and 25 minutes to the city by train. You can still explore the city when you come to us.
  • Drs. Feller and Bloxham are transparent thought leaders in the hair restoration industry. They regularly post online and provide countless Before & After Photos to online hair loss communities.

If by chance, you are going to consult with ANOTHER hair transplant physician make sure you ask the following questions. Write them down and bring these questions to that office at the time of your visit (or simply print this page):

  1. Has the practice has been in business FULL-TIME for at least 10 years?
  2. Does the practice perform hair transplantation EXCLUSIVELY ?
  3. Does the practice use ONLY in-house technicians- NOT travelling (per diem or shared) technicians (which is illegal in NY).
  4. Will the doctor use at least one technician for every 500 grafts required for your procedure ?
  5. Can the doctor show you AT LEAST 100 before/after PHOTO results of THEIR patients ?
  6. Can the doctor show you AT least 50 before/after VIDEO results of THEIR patients? (Video cameras are cheap and plentiful. No reason not to have video evidence of results.)
  7. Does the doctor participate regularly online by contributing results for public evaluation and critique ? Does he volunteer time answering questions from the public ?
  8. Can the doctor show you at least 6 functional microscopes in their procedure rooms ?
  9. Does the doctor guarantee NOT use robots or other so-called “semi-automated” gadgetry ?
  10. Does the doctor and staff perform the FUT procedure regularly even if you are looking for an FUE procedure ?

There are a small group of physicians world wide who satisfy all this criteria. If you receive a no for any of these ten questions keep looking. Feller and Bloxham meets all these criteria and more.

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