Hair Transplant & Restoration in Long Island

Did you that by age 50, one in every two men will suffer from genetic male pattern hair loss? With over 4 million men living on Long Island, it stands to reason that over 2 million will experience some form of hair loss and seek hair restoration treatments. At Feller & Bloxham Medical, we specialize in hair restoration treatments. In fact, Hair Transplant surgery is all we do. And over the past 25 years, we have helped thousands of these hair loss sufferers from our office conveniently located in Great Neck, Long Island.

Uniquely Experienced Staff

At Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation, we employ the largest team of hair transplant “super technicians” not only on Long Island, but on the entire East Coast. It takes a large staff of highly trained technicians led by experienced hair restoration doctors – like Dr. Bloxham and Dr. Feller – to achieve excellent results. To see how we have used these methods to achieve fantastic results for thousands of patients living in Long Island, please view our “before and after” gallery.

Experts in both FUT and FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

We offer a range of surgical techniques for hair restoration in Long Island. For patients with progressive hair loss, young patients with uncertain futures, or patients with advanced hair loss who require a large session, we offer the gold-standard Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT or “strip”) technique. For patients only requiring a small amount of grafts or those who cannot undergo a strip procedure, we also offer FUE (Follicular Unit Excision). We also offer modified procedures and specialize in Hair Transplant Repair for patients who may have undergone outdated or poor work in the past.

Schedule an Appointment for Hair Restoration in Long Island

To determine if you are a candidate for hair transplant surgery and which technique is best suited for your needs, Contact Us to schedule a consultation. We are the most experienced hair transplant clinic in Long Island and can likely help you restore your hair. Start by calling us today at (516) 487-3797.