Hair Transplant

What to Know About the FUE Form of Hair Transplants Completed in New York

FUE Hair Transplant New York

If you are thinking about getting an FUE Hair Transplant in New York City, there are several things to understand before moving ahead. For the individuals who opt for it, the results can be satisfying. Hair transplants can be one part of building confidence and self-esteem.


An FUE Hair Transplant in New York City begins with extracting individual strands of hair by the root. The best part of the scalp to harvest these follicles from are the back and areas behind the ears. The patient will not be uncomfortable because of local anesthesia. The removed follicles are transplanted onto the balding regions. The physician will graft one strand at a time, and this technique creates a natural appearance.


A proper candidate for this transplant is someone with a decent amount of hair on the back and sides of their scalp. The hair loss should be above the forehead and at the crown.


The results will begin to appear after a short recovery period. Most patients need at least a day to relax and let the anesthesia wear off. Some common conditions following the procedure are tingling or soreness on the head and removal sites. These symptoms typically go away within 24 hours or a few days.
The transplanted shafts will become noticeable in about six months, but some patients will see change around the fourth month. To encourage healthy growth, a person should maintain an adequate diet and proper exercise. For more information on an FUE Hair Transplant in New York City, contact Feller & Bloxham Medical at