Diagnosis: Maximal Coverage Hair Transplant

This patient is a male in his 60’s who presented with advanced hair loss. The patient really wanted to do a single hair transplant procedure, but did not think he could commit himself to multiple surgeries. This typically is not a problem. We do not perform hair transplant surgery in a manner that ever forces a patient to have another. What made this case different, however, is that the patient wanted to get as close to “full coverage” from front to back as possible. To accomplish this, we performed an FUT mega-session procedure aimed at removing as many grafts as safely possible. We purposely rebuild a slightly higher and more conservative hairline, and then filled as far back as we could strategically. With 3,000 grafts to use, we were able to cover the frontal scalp, mid-scalp, and a good portion of the crown. The patient returned 12 months later with his hair grown and styled to maximize the effect of the transplant. He was happy to report that his goals were achieved and he was very pleased with the results all around.