Diagnosis: Fixing a Thinning “Saddle” with Hair Transplant Surgery

This patient is a male in his 50’s who presented with thinning in the “saddle” region. Saddle thinning is a specific phenomenon where the patient thins in both corners of the hairline, retains a forelock of thicker hair in the center of the hairline, and also thins behind the forelock itself. This creates a saddle or semi-circle of frontal thinning around the central forelock. The patient liked the height of the central forelock, but wanted to fix the corners to match it and the thinning behind it. Utilizing the FUT technique, we removed 1,600 grafts; we transplanted approximately 500 grafts in each “corner” of the hairline and 600 in the thinning behind the forelock. The patient returned 12 months later with a uniformed appearance throughout the frontal scalp. The “saddle” was no longer thin and he was very happy with the results.