Diagnosis: Fixing an Old Hair Transplant

This patient is a male in his 40’s who underwent a transplant a number of years prior. At this time, the patient still had a good amount of hair throughout the frontal scalp. The outside clinic convinced him to rebuild his hairline and “thicken” the entire frontal scalp area. They did all of this without trimming the existing hair. The results looked okay at first. As the patient’s hair continued to thin, however, the true results of the transplant became visible and things did not look “okay.” The prior clinic used bulky, outdated grafts, and, outside of the hairline region, transplanted them randomly with no real density. The patient came to us seeking repair of the hairline and thickening of the entire frontal and mid-scalp. We used the FUT technique to remove 3,200 grafts, and used these grafts to naturalize the hairline, densely pack the frontal scalp, and strategically work back through the mid-scalp. The patient returned 12 months later, and his transformation was dramatic. The patient was very pleased with the repair procedure, and so were we.