Diagnosis: 2,000 Graft Hair Transplant Repair

This patient is a male in his 40’s with a prior history of hair transplants throughout the frontal band area. The hair transplants were not modern or refined, and left the patient with a thin, sparse appearance in the front. To make matters worse, the tools used during the previous hair transplant caused visible scarring throughout the area. The patient came to us seeking repair, and we recommended the following: do a dense pack with true follicular units and refined techniques throughout the frontal band area. This would not only increase the density and create a full, natural appearance in the front, but the density of the implanted grafts would camouflage the visible scarring on the scalp. The patient agreed with our recommendation, and we executed a 2,000 graft FUT procedure aimed to achieve the discussed goals. The patient returned 12 months later thrilled with the difference in results.