Diagnosis: Hair Transplant with Fine Hair

This patient is a male in his 30’s from the UK. He presented with a chief complaint of thinning in the “corners” of his hairline. Upon examination, we found he had a very classic Norwood II – III level of hair loss with a stronger “forelock” in the middle. In order to properly rebuild these areas and match the surrounding density in the forelock and mid-scalp regions, a “dense pack” approach was required. To add another variable to the equation, the patient also had very fine donor hair. Fine hairs are typically smaller and provide less coverage, so we must pack the grafts even a little closer/tighter for these patients. We removed 1,200 grafts via the FUT technique and tightly packed approximately 600 into each corner. The patient presented back 12 months after surgery and happily reported that the plan worked well.