Diagnosis: Norwood Class VI Hair Loss with Fine Hair and Limited Donor

This patient is a gentleman in his late 60’s who presented with arguably the most difficult type of hair loss to treat surgically: an advanced hair loss pattern (Class VI out of possible VII), very limited donor hair to use for surgery, and very fine hair characteristics. We knew the case would be challenging, but believed we could perform an FUT mega-session aimed at strategically restoring as much of the scalp as possible. Using 4,000 grafts, we employed a medium density pass and covered nearly 75% of the scalp from the hairline to the mid-crown. While this approach is not for all patients and most with advanced hair loss do better with two FUT mega-sessions, one of around 2,500 – 3,000 grafts to do the frontal and mid-scalp and another of similar size to finish the mid-scalp and restore the crown, we believed it was a good approach for him. The patient returned 2 years after surgery very pleased with the coverage and overall transformation. Despite the challenges his case presented and the potential “pros and cons” inherent with seeking greater coverage compared to density, the approach worked well.