Crown Hair Loss

Not everyone has “great” donor area so it is up to the physician and the team to customize the procedure to take full advantage of the donor area the patient actually has. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” in hair transplant surgery and this patient is no exception. In the Before photo you see a large round bald crown. Because his donor area is not very good we dediced to use just enough grafts in a particular pattern to minimize the obviousness of the bald crown. In the After photo you can see that the crown is no longer an open “flesh circle” but rather an area that looks like it’s in the process of thinning. A significant improvement, even though this density is below the final denisty of most of our results. At this point the patient has two options. He can have another surgery performed to thicken up the crown OR he can keep the grafts “in the bank” and see if he is going to lose hair from the front.