Norwood Stage 5 (classic) hairloss. 2,800 grafts in one visit

Asian patients tend to have fewer hairs  over all, HOWEVER, Asian hair tends to be thicker in caliber than most other hair types. This reality served this patient well considering the large area of hair loss he presented with. You can see from the Before photos that he had some hair in the bald areas, but when grown out it provided no coverage and looked unappealing, so the patient decided to simply shave it down. Our plan was to integrate that old native hair into the newly transplanted hair to cover as much area as possible with cosmetically significant density. Since “area covered” was more important to him than “focused density” we spread his grafts out just a bit. We normally wouldn’t risk this but as stated above he had Asian hair which allowed him to “get away with it”. It worked. He still has some hair left to use in the donor, so if he feels he needs to add more in the future he has spare follicles available to use.