Diagnosis: Norwood Stage 4 hairloss.

This patient and his brother (twins) visited from the UK for their progressive hair loss. After evaluation we decided to rebuild his hairline and fill in the top area just behind it to frame his face. Notice that we drew the line such that it intersected with the remains of the center of his hairline, but “receeded” it as the hairline approached the sides. This way as he aged he would have an appropriate look that didn’t call attention to itself. Also, we deterimined that he and his twin brother would likely need more hair transplants in the future so by building this conservative hairline we would be leaving more grafts availalble for future hairloss on the top and crown. Look at the after photos, you can see the growth was excellent and did a great job at covering the frontal third of the scalp, but if you look behind the back of the hair transplant you can see, as predicted, he was continuing to lose hair. Thankfully we planned his hair transplants correctly and he has plenty of hair left in the donor area to address this coming loss.