Diagnosis: 4,500 Grafts on Norwood Level VI Patient

This patient is a male in his 50’s who presented with advanced Norwood Level VI hair loss. The patient requested as many grafts as we could possibly do in one sitting to cover as much bald scalp as possible. We recommended performing an FUT mega-session harvest aimed at removing the maximum graft number. The patient’s favorable donor characteristics allowed us to remove 4,500 grafts safely in one sitting. Knowing the patient wanted as much coverage as possible, we used these grafts strategically to maximize coverage. We employed a medium density pass and weighted it heavier towards the left side where he wanted to part his hair. We also utilized more grafts and a higher density in the frontal scalp. Surgery went well, and the patient returned 12 months later. As you can tell, the approach worked well and completely transformed the patient’s appearance.