Diagnosis: Recreating a Hairline with FUE

This patient is a male in his 30’s who presented with classic, albeit limited, hairline hair loss. Based on the patient’s scalp examination, family history of hair loss, and goals, we determined it would be appropriate to rebuild his hairline. The patient was not requesting an aggressive lowering or reshaping of his frontal hairline; he was only requesting that we rebuild where it had clearly thinned. Because of the limited graft number and the characteristics of his hair (dark, thick, and coarse) we were able to honor the patient’s desire to complete the surgery via the FUE – or Follicular Unit Excision – technique. Using a slow, careful approach exclusively with manual tools, we removed 1,000 grafts and densely packed the thinned hairline. The patient returned 12 months later, very pleased with the natural and subtle transformation.