Diagnosis: 4,000 Graft Mega Session

This patient is a male in his 30’s who suffered from advanced, Norwood Class V – VI level hair loss. Being a young man with advanced hair loss, the patient wanted to cover as much as possible in one sitting. We would typically advise a patient like this to focus on a mega session procedure aimed at restoring the frontal and parts of the mid-scalp. The “back” (posterior mid-scalp and vertex) would be left to a second procedure down the road (if the patient desired). Based on this patient’s very good donor region and his somewhat limited crown loss, however, we believed we could safely obtain a higher graft number and restore the crown in addition to the frontal scalp. We were able to safely remove 4,000 grafts with an FUT harvest and used these grafts to: rebuild an appropriate hairline, densely pack the frontal scalp behind it, and strategically fill the mid-scalp and crown. The patient updated 12 months later, very pleased with his transformation.