Diagnosis: 2,500 Grafts for Young Patient

This patient is a male in his mid-20’s who presented with aggressive loss throughout the frontal scalp and less dramatic loss in the mid-scalp and crown. This indicated that his hair loss would likely progress and he would eventually have an advanced Norwood Class V or VI pattern. Because he was young and his hair loss was very unstable, we decided to start conservative and with the long-term in mind. We also decided to solidify the frontal half of the scalp and leave the “back” for now. Using the FUT technique, we removed 2,500 grafts safely in one sitting. We used these grafts to first rebuild an appropriate hairline that would look as good in his mid-20’s as it would in his mid-60’s and 70’s. Next, we densely packed the frontal scalp behind it, and then strategically worked back through the mid-scalp and transitioned into his native hair. The patient presented 12 months later with a natural transformation. Because we started by using the FUT technique, he had donor left for future surgery and we completed a second procedure to address the mid-scalp and crown.