Diagnosis: Hairline Repair

Repair procedures constitute 20-30% of our practice. One of the most common procedures we repair are hairline surgeries performed at outside clinics. The hairline region must be packed tightly and only true single-hair follicular unit grafts should be used. If an insufficient number of grafts are used, if the grafts are placed too far apart, or if an excessive number of multi-hair grafts are used in the hairline, it will appear unnatural. Unfortunately, an unnatural transplanted hairline actually draws more unwanted attention than a higher or thin hairline. And this is exactly what happened to his patient: he went to another clinic to fix his slight hairline recession and ended up with a thinner, slightly unnatural hairline that actually drew more attention to the area than it had before. So, the patient came to us to normalize his new hairline. To achieve this, we needed to dense pack the region with true single-hair follicular unit grafts. Using 600 grafts, we performed a repair of his hairline. He returned 12 months later very pleased with not only a natural, inconspicuous hairline, but one very similar to what he wanted in the first place.