Diagnosis: 3,200 Graft Mega-Session

This patient is a male in his early 50’s who presented with diffuse thinning throughout the entire top of the scalp. However, it was much more pronounced in the frontal half compared to the rear half. The patient wanted to restore the more obviously thinned regions in the frontal half of the scalp and consider restoring the back half — if it thinned as dramatically as the front – at a later date. We performed an FUT harvest and removed 3,200 grafts safely in one sitting. We used these to rebuild a conservative hairline (per the patient’s request), densely pack the frontal scalp behind it, and transition into the native hair in the mid-scalp. The patient returned 12 months later to showcase his impressive transformation. He did continue to thin in the back and returned for a second FUT procedure (of similar size) at a later date. The results featured here are only from the first procedure.