Diagnosis: 2,500 Graft Hair Transplant Repair

This patient is a male in his 30’s who presented for a hair transplant repair. The patient had a small procedure done in his hairline years before, and was never happy with the results. The density was low and the outside clinic did not use proper follicular unit grafts. To make matters worse, the patient continued to aggressively thin behind the transplant and was left with an unnatural “floating” hairline with very bald scalp behind it. To fix this procedure, we needed to naturalize the hairline and then fill as much of the scalp as possible from “front to back.” Using the FUT technique, we were able to remove 2,500 grafts. We used these grafts to naturalize the hairline with appropriate single-hair follicular unit grafts in the frontal hairline, and strategically filled the frontal and mid-scalp from there. The patient presented 12 months after his procedure, and the results between his prior surgery to our surgery were “night and day.”