Diagnosis: 6 Months: Early Hair Transplant Growth

This patient is a gentleman from the UK in his mid-30’s who presented with classic hair loss throughout the entire frontal half of his scalp. He wanted to restore the entire thinning area in one sitting. We believed this was a realistic goal. Using the FUT technique, we removed 3,000 grafts and used these to rebuild the entire frontal half of his scalp. This included working through his frontal “tuft,” which still contained hair but we believed would thin more in the future – and we did not want to leave him with a “hole” in that area if and when the hair loss continued. The surgery went well; the patient happened to be back in the US 6 months after surgery and stopped by to show us his progress. Despite the fact that his result was only 50% matured, his transformation was still quite evident. This result will continue to thicken and naturalize through the 12 month mark.