Diagnosis: 2,000 Grafts to Re-Create “Caesar” Hair Style

This patient is a gentleman in his 30’s with somewhat diffuse Norwood Class V hair loss. He previously wore his hair in a “Caesar” style with the hair combed forward. However, with his hair loss progressing from the front to the back, it became harder and harder to do so and eventually he could no longer sport this hair style. He came with a request to rebuild the frontal half of his scalp so he could do the Caesar hair style again. Utilizing the FUT technique, we removed 2,000 grafts and used them to rebuild a new hairline, densely pack the frontal scalp, and work strategically through the mid-scalp to blend with his native hair in the posterior mid-scalp/anterior crown region. He returned 12 months later to show us that he could finally do his Caesar hair style again.