Diagnosis: Norwood Stage 2 (modified) hairloss. 2,000 grafts in one visit

This man in his early 30s visited from England to treat his hair loss. He had excellent hair on the top and crown of his head, but the hairline was almost completely gone. No matter how he tried to style his hair he couldn’t conceal the recession. We implanted 2,000 graft in a dense pack along his hairline being cafeful to use ONLY single hair follicular units (grafts) in the very very front. Notice the empty “triangles” of hairline in the “Before” photos, then notice how they are gone in the “After” photos. Because he has fair hair color and fair skin color the density looks even thicker than it really is. The use of illusion in hair transplantation cannot be overstated or under utilized. It is doubtful he will need to visit again anytime soon. But if he so chooses in ten years he has plenty of donor area left from which to take more hair.