Hair Transplant

Dr. Bloxham Discusses a Repair Case of Old “Hair Plugs”

Repair Case of Old Hair Plugs

Modern hair transplantation is a very refined and impressive procedure. Patients are able to achieve incredible and natural results in one sitting. But this was not always the case. Starting in the 1950s and going through the early 1990s, hair transplantation was a completely different entity. This was during the “hair plugs” era. Surgeries performed during this era of hair transplantation were unnatural, and the reign of the “plugs” still affects the industry today — both in the way some patients perceive hair transplantation and in the number of difficult repair procedures we still perform.

So Dr. Bloxham wanted to discuss the difference between “old hair plugs” and modern hair transplantation, and also share a repair case where he fixed a patient with an unnatural appearance from old plugs with modern hair transplant techniques.

In this video, you’ll learn about the differences between the techniques, why “hair plugs” are no longer performed, and see the transformation of a patient who underwent plug repair with Dr. Bloxham.