Diagnosis: 3,000 Grafts After Failed First Transplant

This patient is a male in his early 30’s who presented after having an unsuccessful hair transplant at an outside clinic. The patient had classic frontal thinning, most pronounced in the frontal band and corner areas, and the outside clinic decided to “sprinkle” some grafts throughout the entire frontal area without any real density. The approach made very little cosmetic difference and the patient found himself wanting another procedure. He came to see us for a consultation and we explained why the prior approach was insufficient and what we would do differently. We recommended trimming up the entire frontal region, densely addressing the frontal band, and strategically working through the area behind the band. The patient liked the proposed plan and scheduled a procedure. We performed a 3,000 graft FUT procedure as planned, and surgery went as expected. The patient returned 12 months later and clearly the different approach served him well.